VRG Workers and Volunteers


Do you want a front row seat to see, hear and smell some of the best automotive racing history?
Do you want to bench race with owners and drivers of automotive history?
Do you enjoy talking about car and racing over a beer or a glass of wine?
Do you want a free lunch?

Then VRG has a place for you!

VRG has a need for friends, spouses, and others, who love vintage cars to help run our events.

There are many different areas that come with different working conditions and responsibilities.
The major ones are listed below.


Grid workers are responsible for insuring that the race cars are placed in the proper order for the beginning of the race, and for traffic control in the period before cars are released to the track. They also do last minute checks on certain items of driver safety equipment, and try to insure that only cars that have passed inspection by the scrutineers are permitted on track.


The pit marshals control action in the pit lane; they serve as traffic cops during practice, qualifying, and the race, and insure that conditions in the pits are safe at all times.


The starters handle the flags on the tower; they are responsible for deciding when to start the race, and throw the checkered at the finish upon direction from Tower.


This worker takes a position along the course and uses flags and hand signals to communicate track conditions to each driver. This position maintains the link between the steward and the drivers, and keeps the fun moving at all times. These people go home dirty but have to best seat for all the racing action.

VRG will be able to find a spot for anybody no matter what level of experience or training they have.

If you have any questions or wish to help out at one of VRG’s events please contact Steve and Tracy Hyatt at workers@vrgonline.org or 301-573-7315.