VRG-VRL Season 6 – Open Wheel Sprint Series


Announcement: The series is now open to ANY club member of a VMC member organization. 


The series is open to any VRG member and guests of VRG. All races are streamed live on youtube https://www.youtube.com/vintageracergroup. Racing takes place Tuesday nights from 8p – 10p utilizing iRacing.com (open practice on Thursday evenings). Participants are required to have an iRacing subscription and own the content (tracks and cars) used in the series.

Announcing VRG VRL Season 6 – Open Wheel Sprint Series


Car: USF2000:Fixed Setup


Format: Practice nights: 30m practice, 30m open qualifying, 2 x 10m sprint races

Race nights: 30m practice, 3 lap solo qualifying, 2 x 20m sprint races


Points/Grid: Equal points awarded for both sprint races. Gridding for race 1 based on 3 lap solo qualifying. Gridding for race 2 based on results of race 1 with the first 5 positions inverted. Points awarded as follows: P1:25, P2:22, P3:20, P4:18, P5:16, P6:15, P7:14, P8:13, P9:12, P10:11, P11:10, P12:9, P13:8, P14:7, P15:6, P16:5, P17:4, P18:3, P19:2, P20:1



Race 1: VIR– “Bunny Scramble”

Practice: Thursday January 7th, 8pm

Race: Tuesday January 12th, 8pm


Race 2: Summit Point – “Jefferson Grand Prix”

Practice: Thursday January 14th, 8pm

Race: Tuesday January 19th, 8pm


Race 3: NJMP – “Airfield Classic”

Practice: Thursday January 21st, 8pm

Race: Tuesday January 26th, 8pm


Race 4: Daytona Speedway Road Course– “Speedway Sprints”

Practice: Thursday January 28th, 8pm

Race: Tuesday, February 2nd, 8pm


Race 5: Lime Rock Park – “Connecticut Grand Prix”

Practice: Thursday February 4th, 8pm

Race: Tuesday, February 9th, 8pm


Race 6: Watkins Glen – “Champion Grand Prix”

Practice: Thursday February 11th, 8pm

Race: Tuesday, February 16th, 8pm


Race 7: Indianapolis Road Course – “Grand Prix Challenge”

Practice: Thursday February 18th, 8pm

Race: Tuesday, February 23rd, 8pm


Race 8: Long Beach – “West Coast Grand Prix”

Practice: Thursday February 25th, 8pm

Race: Tuesday, March 2nd, 8pm


Series communications take place via groups.io and discord. Series participants will be required to subscribe to the email support group and discord.


To get involved, reach out to the Series Chairman: Jim Karamanis, jim@vrgonline.org

Race replays available on the VRG / VRL YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/vintageracergroup