Hi Everyone!

Wanted to put up a quick post to direct everyone to the VeeRG Formula Vee race series page of the site – three great events scheduled, so get out your Vees and come race with us! You can swing by the VeeRG by clicking here: https://vrgonline.org/veerg/

Also! We’re retiring the Yahoo mailing list many VRG drivers, friends and family have been a part of for the last…well almost as long as the VRG has been around. We’re starting with a clean slate over at Groups.io, which should provide a much better user experience, and has some nice built in functionality we hope to leverage in the future. If you’re not yet a member, or, want to direct a vintage racer (or anyone interested in racing) to the sign up page, head here: https://vrg.groups.io/g/vrg-community and click the blue “Apply For Membership” button.

Lastly – another reminder of the VRG Virtual Racing League iRacing series – the first practice race was last evening, so the competitors new to sim racing were able to stretch their legs and get used to cars i(n some cases 70 years newer than their own!!) and get used to sim racing. Lots of fun was had, as we eye the first official race of the season next Tuesday at beautiful virtual VIR! Swing by the VRG Virtual Racing League Groups.io and sign up and join the discussion, perhaps get some gear and an iRacing membership and join us! Just swing by here and join the group: https://groups.io/g/VRGVirtualRacingLeague