VRG Policies

Refund Policy  |  Policy Regarding Internet Publication of Race Results

VRG Refund Policy Guidelines

Rev 1.4  2/20/2013

These are the general guidelines for refunds of entry fees at VRG race events.  Each VRG event is different, and as such these are only general guidelines.  Specific rules listed on the event entry form, or event FAQ’s, will take precedence.  Entrants must read and understand any refund policy as listed on the entry form or other event-specific documents.  Entrants should understand that club expenses such as track rental fees, insurance premiums, emergency vehicle & personnel fees, social function costs, and other expenses are generally NOT refundable to the club.  Therefore to assure the financial stability of the club, certain refund policies are necessary.  The Event Chair has the responsibility and authority to interpret and apply these guidelines to his/her specific event, taking into account the policies and actions of the respective track management, and any partner clubs that may be involved.  At events where VRG is not the primary race promoter, other entities may control the refund policy.

That being said, for events that are financially controlled by VRG:

  1. A full refund will be issued to any entrant who notifies the Event Chairman of his/her inability to attend the event before the start of the event.
  2. Any entrant who does not cancel by notifying the Event Chairman or Registrar prior to the start of the event, is considered a “no show”.  A no-show will not receive a refund or credit.
  3. A full refund will be issued to any entrant who arrives at an event but does not turn a wheel on the track due to circumstances other than weather. The Event Chairman must be notified of the circumstances prior to the participant departing from the track.
  4. Any entrant who “turns a wheel” (operates his/her car on the track surface) at any time during an event, will not receive a refund or credit.
  5. An entrant who receives a free Test Day, or discounted Test Day, as a result of his/her race entry, and then cancels the race entry, is no longer eligible for the free or discounted Test Day.  If the entrant has already taken part in the Test Day, a fee for the Test Day will be deducted from any refund.
  6. Partial loss of track time due to inclement weather, track clean-up of fluid spills or accidents, or any other reason is not refundable.
  7. Online entries paid by credit card will receive their refund via a credit to their card of the full entry fee less 5%.
  8. Entrants who pay by check will not have their check deposited until after the event. Refunds will be accomplished by returning their check or shredding it, at their option. This is done allow entrants to pay for their registrations well in advance with no financial penalty.
  9. Pre-ordered event dinner tickets may not be refundable. The policy for each event will be specified in the event FAQ.

VRG Policy Regarding Internet Publication of Race Results

VRG will publish results to Mylaps.com whenever practical.

As always, the devil is in the details – hence the “whenever practical” statement. VRG does not currently have our own Timing & Scoring staff, nor do we possess the software or hardware required for Timing & Scoring. We procure the services of several different local T&S personnel at the various tracks that we visit. It is not possible for us to have a single T&S provider who travels to all our events, and we do not have total control over the T&S services that are provided. In most cases, these T&S providers use the AMB transponder system, but not always. There are various computer programs used by the different T&S providers. So it may not always be possible, or convenient, to upload all our results to mylaps.com. Also, the Turkey Bowl event has well-established tradition of “no timing & scoring”, since it is a very low-key, end-of-season event. Therefore, we will endeavor (but can’t promise 100%) to upload VRG results to mylaps.com for all our events other than Turkey Bowl. Each Event Chairmen will advise either in the FAQ’s or at Driver’s meetings if results will be published and at what site.