Mission Statement


To promote the active use of vintage and historic sports and racing cars, in a format that emphasizes safety and enjoyment for all participants. Specifically, we will organize, sanction, and conduct vintage races for a broad range of cars, in the northeastern United States.


A vintage sports car can be best appreciated by being driven, in an environment for which it was intended. This form of use will encourage the acquisition, restoration, and preservation of these vehicles by current and future generations. Our emphasis is on the drivers: safe drivers, protected by their conduct and their car preparation, by their attitude and spirit on and off the track. Our events will encourage friendly, safe competition, among members with mutual respect for other participants and reverence for the historic nature of the cars.

In support of this mission and philosophy, we have adopted the following core values:

Safety is always our top priority: in driver behavior, in car preparation, in the operation of our events, and in everything we do. Our goal, at every event, is to have zero incidents, but every participant must recognize that racing is inherently dangerous.

Fun: We will create an environment where all our members and their families can participate and have fun! This is, after all, the fundamental reason why anyone joins such a club. We will make it easy to join, and easy to participate. We will conduct events that are well-organized, well-run, and friendly. We will provide enjoyable social activities, involving spouses, family, and friends, to complement the in-car activities of the club. We will create a warm, welcoming environment that fosters a feeling of friendship, equality, and mutual respect among our members.

Driving behavior: We will constantly, and clearly, communicate our expectations for driving etiquette. We will maintain the highest standards for on-track behavior, and will take action with those who do not meet our standards. We will be consistent in the enforcement of our driving rules. We are strong supporters of the original “13/13” system.

Driver attitude is the foundation for optimizing a safe environment for the use of our cars. Equipment and skills are important, but attitude is fundamental. We will take every opportunity to foster and reinforce the correct attitude: the desire to “win” must never take precedence over the safety of all participants.

Driver skill: We will actively encourage all drivers to improve their skills, and will provide opportunities for them to do so. Our goal is to promote safer driving at our events, not necessarily faster driving. Proper training, and ongoing reinforcement, should help drivers to acquire the car control skills to help diminish the risks inherent in racing.

Safety Equipment: We recognize that even with the proper attitude, and excellent skills, accidents will happen. We believe our participants should be encouraged to use most modern safety equipment that is designed for racing. While we place high value on period appearances, we must place higher value on the safety and well-being of our members and their families.

Performance modifications: We will limit performance-enhancing modifications to those which were available during the car’s original period of use. We will clearly communicate our guidelines, and we will be consistent in the enforcement of our rules. We will allow modifications that improve reliability, durability, strength, or convenience whenever they do not visibly detract from the vintage character of the vehicle.

Costs: We will provide outstanding value for our members, by carefully controlling our costs. We will be a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization. We will diligently manage the funds entrusted to us by our members through their annual dues and entry fees.

Communications: We will excel at communications with, and among, our members. We will ensure members have all the necessary information to make their participation in our events enjoyable, simple, and hassle-free. All rules, regulations, and policies will be stated clearly and publicly, and will be easily accessible to all members for reference. We will maximize the use of cost-effective, expedient tools such as the internet, low-cost mailing, and other available communication technologies.

Governance: Our Board of Directors will be visible, accessible, and responsive to our members. Elections will be fair and open, and results will be available to all members. We will limit the number of consecutive terms a Director or Officer may serve. Our goal is to involve a wide range of members in the leadership of this club.

VRG by-laws

VRG Driver Rules of the Road

VRG Event Code of Conduct