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Rev 3.3 03/27/2011

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General Information

If you’re new to Vintage racing and/or are preparing a new car, we generally follow the rules of the clubs that belong to the Vintage Motorsports Council and compete in this area. Check out our rules on our web site and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Contact me or Tivvy Shenton and if we can’t give an answer immediately, we’ll find someone to help you. It’s a lot less expensive if you only have to do it once. The first thing to do is become a member of VRG. Only members in good standing may apply for a VRG log book.

Once you have your car ready:

  1. Obtain and complete Log Book Request Form:
    1. Online Method: Complete Online Logbook Request Form; download and take to track Logbook PPR Pages, Logbook Tech Pages, and Tech Eligibility Signature Sheet. Completion of the online form still requires you to bring the aforementioned forms with you to track, and you must still complete Technical Inspection, and Eligibility Committee review.
    2. Paper Method: Download the ‘VRG Log Book: PPR pages, the “VRG Log Book Request Form”, and the “Temporary Log Book Page” linked above, or request them from me or a Technical Inspector.
  2. Read the Information sheet carefully; then, fill out the application form, the temporary log book page, and the event Technical Inspection sheet. Please let Tivvy or me know what event you are bringing your car to in order to have it checked for a log book.
  3. Bring the completed forms, your car, and driver’s gear to Technical Inspection at the next VRG event you have entered and been accepted to run.
  4. Once you have passed Technical Inspection, have the Technical Inspector sign your log book application as well as your temporary log book page and you will be able to run that event.
  5. The folks from the VRG Eligibility Committee will check your car for Vintage eligibility at some point during the event and, if approved, will sign your Log Book Application Form as well.
  6. You may then mall your completed forms with the required photographs of your car to me (VRG Log Book Officer) and you will have your log book a short time later. Note: Those who completed the Online Logbook Request will only need to supply PPR/Tech/Eligibility forms; photos should have been uploaded during online application, but can be mailed in the absence of digital photos.

Note: Any active member of the VRG, who does not have a log book from another vintage club or whose vintage log book is full, may apply for a VRG Log Book. If you have a log book with another VMC club we are more than happy to use it at our events. We do not require a VRG Log Book in order for you to run with us. We prefer that all cars have only one log book, as this gives the Technical Inspectors at any event a record of any problems found and corrected at previous events.  Safe, well-prepared cars are part of fulfilling our wish for our members to “enjoy racing with others who value driver attitude, skill, and car preparation”.


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