The Jefferson 500 is over – everyone had a blast, the racing was exciting, and even better, nary a spot of rain to be seen! Surveys were sent and returned, and the VRG board reviewed and listened to your suggestions and concerns. You’ll have read Chief Steward Steve Hyatt’s concerns and reasoning for so many of those black flags, and if not, here’s a link. Read it, and understand the VRG and it’s event stewards have you the competitor, and our awesome group of volunteers’ safety close at mind in every session.

You’ll be reading the following shortly in another VRG Update from our intrepid journalist, Storm…and while we’re at it, here’s a link to the VRG Flag Rules – print out a copy and hang in your trailer, makes great reading!

Here is the new BFA rule. It is, essentially, the old BFA rule with some minor, but important changes, which I’ve put in red so you can see exactly what the alteration is

OPEN BLACK, DISPLAYED AT ALL STATIONS (Black Flag All) – The session has been stopped; all cars must stop racing, no passing, and proceed directly and immediately to the pits, exercising extreme caution. This flag will be displayed with an ‘ALL’ sign at the Starter’s stand and the sign may also be shown at station(s) elsewhere on the course.. 

It is our hope that, as it does under yellow flags, the idea to stop racing and not pass will lead to safer, quicker, and more controlled exits from the racing surface into the hot pits. This would allow safety teams to get on the track quicker, do what they have to do and then allow you to get back to what you came to the event for…race!

The VRG Board takes it’s responsibilities very seriously and we review our event surveys and try to address issues and problems that our membership brings to us. This rule change results from input from you drivers and our ECs and Stewards. We hope it will help make clean ups quicker and keep you on track longer.
This rule will be in effect beginning with this week’s event at Thompson…so please, from now on, when you see a BFA being shown, stop racing, form up, no passing and proceed directly to the hot pits with extreme caution.
Thank you for your attention and diligence regarding this change

-The VRG Board