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Head and Neck Restraint Systems

a self guided tour

The VRG Board, having "strongly recommended" the use of an approved head and neck restraint (H&NR) system , thought that it would be beneficial to our members to learn as much as possible about these systems. What follows is a series of links to articles, forums and videos available on the Internet with information about head and neck restraint systems.

1 - A general overview. This article is somewhat dated as some of the H&NR systems shown are no longer available (NLA). Also, several of the provided links are dead. Note that the DefNder G70 is NLA as a result of a legal battle with the manufacturers of the HANS device over patent infringements. The Leatt brace is primarily for motorcycles. The LFT/Safety Solutions/Hutchens Hybrid series and R3 are now made, or at least marketed, by Simpson.

2. H&NR Comparisons and Politics An interesting analysis by some well respected SCCA IT drivers.

3. HANS history and info from Wikipedia.

4. Sled Test - Front Impact with no HANS Device.

5. Sled Test - Frontal Impact with HANS Device.

6. Sled Test - Side Impact with HANS Device. Note that the head bolsters on the full containment seat play a significant role in protection of the driver wearing a HANS in a side impact simulation.

7. The Hutchens System from Wikipedia also from Circle Track and Purple Patch Motors.

8. HANS specific information.

9. Circle track perspective on various Head & Neck Restraint Systems from and

As with many things, the more you try to learn about them, the more confusing and uncertain the facts become. The "independent" firms that test these devices to SFI or FIA standards are unable to release their test results as they are the property of the manufacturers; after all they paid for the testing. Critics say that the standards used for testing have been set such that only a HANS device will pass those standards. HANS has become the most commonly approved H&NR for most, if not all, of the pro racing series. There may be some politics involved, but you can be the judge of that. VRG does not recommend one H&NR system over another, but does recommend that you use an H&NR system. You decide which one is best for you.